Chaplain’s Corner

This coming Sunday, commencing at 10.30am, we will be holding the annual Memorial Service for people within the Carey community who have lost loved ones over the past 12 months. It is a time to reflect upon the impact that a loved one has had on our lives. It is also a reminder that although life does go on after someone we love dies, it is different. We miss the little things we did together – things that at the time didn’t seem to have great significance, but once we can
no longer do them we realise how important they were.

During my years as a pastor, I conducted many funeral services. I rarely concluded a service without appreciating two things:

  • That time passes quickly. The PowerPoint presentation that begins with a baby or young child and then goes through the various stages of life concluding, generally, with a hands and a face that are wrinkled, highlights the brevity of life. How much sadder is the presentation on which the faces do not have the wrinkles of old age?
  • That our relationships are the most precious gift we have. Time spent investing in our relationships is time well spent – even when there may be other pressing issues requiring our attention. When our daughters were growing up, I would sometimes listen to ‘Cats in the Cradle’ by Harry Chapin. It gave me perspective and inspired me to not be like the dad in that song.

On each morning that we wake up, we have the gift of a new day. May God help us to use our time well to bring blessing to others, and may God also give to us a fresh appreciation for the relationships that matter to us. May God help us to ensure that the ‘urgent’ does not dominate the ‘important’ in our lives.


Gerry Riviere
Senior School Chaplain