Thank you Carey, from the Ikunji community

A huge thank you to everyone from the Carey community who contributed blankets and clothing for the Ikunji, an Indigenous community in Haast’s Bluff. I am so thankful that in the window we had between the first and second lockdowns we were able to collect over 200 kilograms of clothing and blankets to distribute to families in need.

The shipment has arrived in Alice Springs now and will be distributed amongst many communities thanks to the generosity of so many people. In total, the Walk a While Foundation shipped approximately 150 boxes – 16 of which were contributed by Carey.

As the drive was for warm winter clothes and blankets, we were able to distribute some of the donated clothes that didn’t fit this requirement to other Indigenous communities in Melbourne. This included the Worawa College in Healesville – a school for Indigenous girls in Year 7 and above from all over Australia – and the Melbourne Indigenous Church Fellowship – a church community servicing Indigenous families from all around Melbourne and is also involved with helping asylum seekers and refugees.

Needless to say, everyone was very thankful for the warmth and care that was received from all of the deliveries, so thank you once again if you were involved in helping in any way.

‘Blessed is the one who is kind to the needy’ – Proverbs 14:21

Marien Singleton
CARE and Music teacher