The Australian Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse

In recent months there has been considerable publicity surrounding the Australian Royal Commission into sexual abuse.

Carey appreciates the pain suffered by so many families that have been impacted by sexual abuse in schools, churches and community groups, and how the publicity surrounding the current Royal Commission is a reminder to those families and the wider community of the pain suffered.

Carey wishes you to be aware of the way the School would respond to any instance of sexual abuse.

Carey would welcome any member of our school community to contact Carey if they have been subjected to sexual abuse whilst at Carey.

Upon receiving any such contact, Carey would respond in a pastoral way, offering care, respect and support.

Whilst respecting the confidentiality of any person who comes forward, Carey would also fulfil its mandatory reporting responsibilities and fully co-operate with any police investigations and court proceedings.

Please be reassured that Carey has very clear and strong student protection measures in place such as child protection and mandatory reporting policies, as well as stringent standards in the selection, training and management of all staff. All staff must undertake regular police checks and maintain clean police check records. We regularly review our training, policies and procedures to ensure we provide the highest standards in student health, welfare and safety.

All members of the School community are absolutely committed to ensuring Carey provides an open and friendly environment where students feel safe and happy and can thrive.

Philip Grutzner