The Australian Marimba Competition: Sophie, Year 12

On Saturday 10 August, along with fellow Carey student Gloria, I attend the semi-finals of the Australian Marimba Competition. We competed in Section A of the competition against other Australian students. Following the submission of a video application in May, we were invited to compete in the next round and have spent the past few weeks working on new repertoire. Arriving at Melba Hall on the Saturday, neither of us had any idea what to expect and were full of nerves. After the apprehension of the performance order being drawn from a hat, we entered into Melba Hall to begin preparations for the performance. In this round, we each had the opportunity to perform two pieces to four international judges. I played 'Fantasy No. 1' by Robert Oetomo, Gloria performed 'Marimba Dances, Movement 1' by Ross Edwards and we both performed 'Rain Dance' by Alice Gomez. Everyone played at such a high standard and we were shocked to encounter such a wide range of high-level competitors from Year 7 to second-year university students, many having flown in from all around Australia. Unfortunately, neither of us made it through to the final round on the Sunday. Despite this, it was still a wonderful experience to meet other performers and listen to an amazing range of repertoire at such a high-level of performance. It was inspiring to sit in a room of such talented young people and we were honoured to have been recognised in the same category as them. 

Of course, we would never have been able to make it to this standard without the support and guidance of our teachers, so we’d like to say a very big thank you to Belinda Young-Healy, Thea Rossen and Hamish Upton for all of the efforts in getting us to where we are.

Year 12 student