We congratulate the Year 12 Class of 2015 on achieving an excellent set of results.

  • 22% of ATAR scores were above 95 (in the top 5% of Australia).
  • 43% of all ATAR scores were 90 or above.
  • Our IB average score of 36.0 compares favourably with the world-wide average of 29.9.
  • Nine students obtained ATAR scores of 99 or above.

The 2015 Duces of Carey are Tamara Ernest and Kar Mun Khoo who obtained perfect IB scores of 45 out of 45, which translate to the highest possible ATAR score of 99.95. The top VCE score was obtained by Daniel Siddiqui who achieved an ATAR score of 99.60

These results affirm the ethos, culture and direction of our School. In partnership with our parents, our thanks go to the hard work and dedication of our experienced teaching and professional support staff who have assisted in so many ways, not just at the Year 12 level, but throughout the entire time the students were at Carey. Our staff work hard to support each girl and boy in striving towards achieving their best and feel enormous pride in student results that are a result of persistence and focus.

At Carey we celebrate the efforts of all of our students, regardless of their ATAR score. We know that many of our students have overcome learning difficulties and personal hardships, yet continue to try their absolute best. So many have been great citizens during their school years and will continue to make valuable contributions in their lives beyond Carey.

At Carey we promote an open enrolment policy in which we welcome students from broad socio-economic and religious backgrounds with mixed academic abilities. We do not artificially inflate our results via select entry examinations, discouraging struggling students from enrolling by offering limited learning or pastoral support, or by offering large numbers of scholarships. The less academic students are not asked to leave and find another school.

At Carey we celebrate the fact that our students are committed to both academic achievement and an engagement in life beyond the classroom. The Class of 2015 made significant contributions to our co-curricular program and the broader life of Carey. It was pleasing to see so many in the Year 12 cohort embrace the rich opportunities available at Carey, both inside and outside the classroom, including sport, the performing arts, outdoor education, school trips, and service opportunities.

Our combined VCE and IB results would place us very high in VCE ‘league tables’ which are published by various newspapers and websites. Unfortunately, these league tables are not adjusted and republished when the IB results are made available in January each year. While transparency and accountability is important, league tables could be substantially improved if they included the IB results as well as all those other critical aspects of a school – such as culture, citizenship, opportunities and values.

At Carey we are proud of our high academic expectations. Almost all of our Year 12 2015 cohort will go to university - with over half receiving their first preference and 90% being offered one of their first three preferences. Our students will continue their journey as life-long learners, and understand that life is more than a score on a piece of paper. Their pursuit of academic learning is important, but so too their values, work ethic, and the quality of their relationships.

We congratulate each member of our Year 12 Class of 2015 and wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.

Philip Grutzner,