We congratulate the Class of 2013 on achieving an excellent set of results:

  • 26% of scores were above 95 (in the top 5% of Australia)
  • 39 % of all ATAR Scores were 90 or above
  • Our International Baccalaureate (IB) results were the best since Carey introduced the IB in 1998.
  • 16 students, covering IB and VCE,  (6.2%) obtained  ATAR Scores of 99 or above

The Dux of the School is Chris Psycharis who obtained a perfect IB score of 45 out of 45, which translates to the highest possible ATAR score of 99.95.

Nainika Datey, Sarah Ferrier, Greta Low, and Nina Zhang obtained IB scores of 44 out of 45. The top VCE score was obtained by Belinda Yee who achieved an ATAR score of 99.45

These academic results are a credit to each of the Year 12 Class of 2013, their parents and the School. Furthermore, they reflect the hard work and dedication of our experienced teaching and professional support staff, who provide excellent assistance to all. Our thanks and congratulations go to everyone involved in assisting our students to achieve their best.

These results greatly affirm the School’s ethos, tone and direction.   We celebrate these achievements along with the contributions that so many have made to our co-curricular program and the life of Carey.

We congratulate our Year 12 Class of 2013 and wish them all the very best for the future.