Carey students generally like their school uniform. They tell us that the colours are nice and that they are proud to represent their School in the Carey blue, black and yellow. Late in 2015, a group of interested students began meeting to plan this year’s International Women’s Day Breakfast. Students and staff from Middle and Senior School who were interested in gender issues and gender equity were invited to discuss their opinions and experiences inside and outside the Carey gates. A range of students from across the School gathered to share some deep conversations and to learn from each other.

Among the topics discussed was the uniform for girls at Carey. Many students and some staff felt that the requirement for girls to wear dresses in summer, and skirts/tunics in winter, restricted their movement during learning and during playtime. Others felt that in a progressive school, we should be striving to break down some of the stereotypes we see in society, and that a uniform addition would support this. There were strong opinions expressed and some options suggested.

Throughout this year, the Gender Equity Team has continued to meet and explore adding shorts and pants as an option for girls at Carey. Following these ongoing discussions, I am pleased to report that next year girls will be invited to choose either shorts and a blouse in summer, or the current dress option. In winter, girls will be able to choose between the skirt and winter trousers. The new options have been designed to fit girls comfortably, and they use the same fabrics of the current boys’ uniform. So, from 2017, everyone can wear the pants at Carey, if they choose to!

Well done to the Gender Equity Team whose vision and enthusiasm for change has been realised. We hope Carey girls enjoy the freedom and comfort of wearing the pants in 2017.

Leanne Guillon
Deputy Principal