Ten works from Carey Art and Design stuudents have been included in the Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Student Art Exhibition. This exhibition is showcasing the best of Art and Design from select independent schools from around Victoria.

 The following works from 2017 Carey students have been included: 

  • Industrialised Creatures – Metal Sculpture, Group Work, Year 8
  • Wood creatures – Wood and Acrylic, Group Work, Year 8
  • Folding Structures ­– Blue Biro on Paper, Lara De Felice, Year 10
  • Ohana – Watercolour on Paper, Johanna Dimpfel, Year 12
  • Folding Structures – Blue Biro on Paper, Erin Hanson, Year 10
  • Theatre of Psychological War – Ink on Sandpaper, Nathan Louey, Year 12
  • Crushed Can – Coloured Pencil on Paper, Rheanna Senn, Year 9
  • Folding Structures – Blue Biro on Paper, Naimisha Talluri, Year 10
  • C4HlOF02P ­– Ceramic Sculpture with Cloth, Cara Thomas, Year 11
  • Folding Structures – Blue Biro on Paper, Selina Zhang, Year 10

Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria, said the exhibition reinforces that "arts are not an optional addition, but an integral part of a broad education."

"Creativity is at the heart of all disciplines. That creativity is once again on display at our Annual Student Art Exhibition, now in its 13th year. The exhibition features more than 100 artworks from students in 15 Member Schools. The exhibition is a celebration of the talent and creativity of the students, across the year levels. The artworks can do several things: engage viewers with their beauty, impress with their technical skills, and in some cases, challenge the viewer with a new way of thinking," she said. 

The exhibition is open to the public until Thursday 30 August 2018 at Shell House, No. 1 Spring Street Melbourne.