In the last week of Term 2, the Middle School was fortunate to have a number of very impressive guest speakers who, as part of Civics Week, spoke to the Year 9 students about a variety of informative topics.

On the Wednesday morning, Old Carey Grammarian and current Carey parent, Tom Elliott, spoke to the students about the relationship between politics and the media. In doing so, Tom gave some fascinating insights into some of our best known politicians of today, by sharing his experiences of interviewing them in his role as the 3AW Drive host, as well as occasional coffee dates with Tony Abbott. Tom spoke of the challenge of getting a straight answer out of politicians during a radio interview, and the tactics that politicians use to avoid answering questions. He also shared some reflections of his time at Carey, including being part of the first Carey rowing crew to win the Head of the River, and how the debating he did at Carey helped him in his current role as a talkback radio host. The Year 9 students thoroughly enjoyed hearing Tom’s insights, and asked a number of well-informed questions at the end of his speech.

On the Thursday morning, Supreme Court Judge, Hon. Justice Michael Croucher, spoke to the students about jury duty. He gave the students some hypothetical scenarios to explain the role of the jury on criminal cases. Michael also explained the way a jury member becomes involved with a case and the many rules and stipulations that relate to that involvement. He is a passionate advocate for the jury system and encouraged the students to complete jury duty if they ever get the opportunity in their adult lives. After his presentation, the Year 9 students grilled Michael with some interesting questions about his life as a Supreme Court Judge.

Also on the Thursday morning, the Year 9 students were visited by Tim Wilson, Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner. Tim presented the topic of public policy from a position of principle. In a wide ranging speech, Tim talked to the students about some of the pressing human rights issues that exist in the world today. He then handed over to the students and staff to ask some interesting questions about human rights issues that they were interested in.