A group of Year 9s and Year 8s learnt about the Holocaust and the experiences that some individuals faced living at this time. Abby Dickson tells us about visiting the Holocaust museum as part of the Year 8 Human Rights Convention. 

On Tuesday of my Human Rights Convention week, a group of Year 8 students went to the Holocaust museum. When we arrived outside, there were sculptures of hands and barbed wire. There was also an eternal flame. All of this was very intriguing. I have read lots of books on the Holocaust such as the Once, Then, Now series, The Book Thief, Elli and many more.

So I came into this experience thinking that I knew a lot about the topic. But once I was inside, I found out that there’s actually a lot more to it than what I knew. First, we had an introduction and a video on the basics of the Holocaust. In this, I found out that Hitler wanted a race of blonde haired and blue-eyed people, even though he himself did not look like this. Then we got to look at the museum and a guide took us around and showed us some of the exhibits. We had a really good guide who showed us the population decrease in the different towns in Europe. She also showed us the medal you got for having four blonde haired and blue-eyed children. We got to see the stars they had to wear to show that they were Jewish and the little red dress that a Jewish girl wore. She wanted to show us more but we had run out of time.

The end was the best bit; we got to meet a survivor of the Holocaust. We are the last generation who will be able to ask questions to people that were present at the time. I got to meet Rosa, who was a very kind lady. We watched a video of her speak, then we got to ask her questions. She lost her father, mother and two younger sisters because of the Holocaust. Thankfully, her brother and sister survived like her. The thing that really touched my heart the most was at the end. R

osa was talking to a boy and she said, “Do you have grandparents?” The boy answered, “Yes.” Rosa replied, “My kids never got them.” That was so saddening and made me think how lucky I am to be born with a kind family in a safe place. I really recommend that you go and check out the Holocaust museum because they have some really interesting history there.

Abby Dickson (Year 8)