While many braced themselves as Melbourne served up a dose of winter through the recent school break, over 100 students ventured to warmer climates in various co-curricular programs interstate and overseas. 

The Nauru trip has become a regular event in the Carey calendar, allowing senior students the opportunity to live with the Nauruans, leading them through a music program and assisting with other community projects.

Slightly closer to home, 30 Year 12 students engaged in community work at Minyerri, an indigenous community of about 600 people located 300 kilometres out of Katherine in the Northern Territory. The visit to the top end also included an afternoon paddle in Katherine Gorge, walks in Litchfield National Park, bike riding around Darwin, and a focus on their IB/VCE studies through established study sessions. Now in its fifth year, the connection with Minyerri has grown in a positive way as the relationships strengthen with individuals we see from year to year.

The biennial UK cricket tour is another fixtured event with an Under 15 and Under 16 contingent touring this year. The familiar local sightseeing was a part of the trip, but the games will always be a highlight, with Marcus McMahon’s two centuries on tour a lifelong memory. The music group also toured the UK. While there was no intention to have a crossover, at one point the orchestra was performing in London with our cricketers part of their audience.

We are fortunate as a school to offer opportunities beyond the classroom that allow our students to immerse themselves in cultures beyond Kew and Donvale. It is inevitable that upon return the students make note of those connections they have had with people, rather than the monument or castle they have visited, that become the life changing moments. Learning to live with their peers over an extended period away from family, and to adapt to a new culture is all part of the exciting challenge for all those who are fortunate enough to attend one of these trips.