In 2014, Old Carey Grammarian Sabina Lim, along with her friend Gabrielle Kloppers, obtained the highest possible IB score of 45 out of 45, which translates to an ATAR of 99.95.

Sabina has since commenced her studies at the University of Melbourne, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics. Inspired by the opportunities as a Carey student to be engaged in community projects and social justice initiatives, Sabina is pursuing her dream to make a positive impact in the lives of others. A key mentor for Sabina was her Year 11 IB Economics teacher, Mr Mark Lewis, who showed students how a knowledge of economics can drive significant and positive global change.

As part of her work as an Initiative Leader for the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative – a University of Melbourne student-run organisation providing consulting advice to microfinance initiatives – she led a team of student consultants to Timor-Leste in early 2016, carrying out surveys with women in rural communities to assess their microfinance needs.

Sabina also volunteers at Impact Investing Australia as a Research Assistant, helping look at the policy and regulatory environment in Australia.

Sabina recently won a research fellowship from Global Voices, based on her research paper on the potential of impact investing to help address the service gap in health and aged care. As part of this, Sabina will be one of five youth delegates representing Australia at the June 2016 OECD Forum in Paris, themed ‘Productive Economies, Inclusive Societies’. The OECD Forum is a major international conference where policies and ideas across a broad range of issues are shared between governments, businesses and academia. At the Forum she will present her policy and research ideas to OECD Executive Directors, and business leaders and other influential policy-makers. She will also be given the opportunity to address the world’s leading policy experts.