We are currently in the process of creating a new home for Middle School education at Carey. The new space will provide a nurturing, inclusive and collaborative environment where students and staff can forge strong learning partnerships and supportive social relationships underpinned by our existing Teaching and Learning program, and the House system.

The new Middle School building will help inspire teaching and learning by providing teachers with dedicated display spaces that they can use to make learning visible, and provoke wonder, curiosity and discovery. Collaborative zones will give students and teachers easy access to the tools, materials and resources they need, when and where they need them.

Features of the development will include 28 general learning spaces created within five specialist learning precincts, three wet science labs, and two art and design spaces. Raymond Hall will be renovated, and new music and performing arts spaces will be created. There will also be extra seating provided in the Memorial Great Hall, in addition to the provision of extensive external learning and recreation spaces. Sitting on top of this will be the multi-purpose Carey Room, providing similar opportunities and outlooks to the UN Room and Cabinet Room in our most recent development project: the Centre for Learning and Innovation. 

Work on this development has begun, with the current Middle School building to be decommissioned soon, and the new facility planned to open in Term 1 of 2020. 

This is another major project for Carey and, as such, we have been careful to identify the impact of the development and put plans in place to minimise disruption to our students and the wider School community. To ensure this, transition link facilities are being established so that students are still provided with the best possible learning environment.

Carey has always been a vibrant and innovative school, strengthened by the wonderful generosity of our community. From its establishment in 1923, Carey has benefitted from donated funds to advance improvements across the School at a pace not otherwise possible. If you feel able to donate a gift in support of this major Middle School redevelopment, it would be gratefully received. We encourage all community members to join us in supporting and inspiring our young people to fulfil their potential. If you are in a position to donate, please send an email to philanthropy@carey.com.au 

In the meantime, you can keep an eye out in upcoming editions of Torch, as well as our other communication channels, for more information about this exciting project. We look forward to watching the new building emerge over the next 18 months, and sharing the progress with our Carey community.