In an exponentially changing world, students must maintain pace and relevance. They must make mistakes, pivot, and then try again. They must be encouraged to develop and build on their enterprise skills and Carey’s 10 Attributes of a Positive Learner, as these will enable them to become wise independent learners.

27 Carey students from Years 4–10 have had a head start in developing their toolbox to success after they were involved in a holiday program which taught has them the entrepreneurial mindset and how to build their own business. Lemonade Stand and Start-up High programs run by Collective Campus were held over the recent school holidays. The program featured Old Carey Grammarian, Frances Goh, and provided a positive learning opportunity for our budding entrepreneurs. The program empowered students to reach their potential and take advantage of the unique opportunities that today’s business and digital landscape present.

During the sessions, students learnt the basics of startup building and how to pitch their ideas. Students were involved in real world learning and were asked to solve some pretty huge problems. As part of the course, students were introduced to building prototypes, websites, apps, and 3D modelling.

After two days of planning, designing, pivoting and practicing, students launched their ideas to an eager audience. Some of the world-changing ideas included native animal saving drones, refillable spray paint cans with inbuilt GPS to help stop unlawful graffiti, healthy eating apps, returnable tennis balls, and drones that would help to eradicate foxes.

Students left the two-day program armed with a wealth of new skills and a practical experience on how to start their own business. Hopefully some of their plans become a reality in the very near future!