At Speakers Assembly on Wednesday 13 April, the Senior School students were fortunate to hear from Kaitlin and Aaron Tait, the co-founders of Spark* International. Kaitlin and Aaron shared their very personal stories of how they became involved in helping underprivileged people across the globe.

Despite diverse backgrounds, Kaitlin and Aaron came together and have since shared a fascinating journey, working within some of the most troubled communities in the world. This shared experience, including all the mistakes and successes along the way, laid the foundation for Spark* International, a non profit organisation that they have built from the ground up. To date, Spark* has made significant change to the lives of over 130,000 people. But they are not done yet. Their aim is to change one million lives within the next two years.

In 2015, Spark* joined forces with YGAP to increase the amount of influence they could have on communities in need. Last year, Carey was a significant contributor to YGAP’s 5cent campaign, where participants are encouraged to collect all of their 5 cent pieces and place them in small blue donation boxes.

Kaitlin and Aaron thanked the students for their support of last year’s campaign, and then encouraged them to continue their involvement. After hearing first-hand the kind of change that can be achieved by such an initiative, we look forward to the Carey community’s heavy involvement in the campaign in 2016.