Our annual Founders Day celebrations were held yesterday with a series of Assemblies, and a luncheon for Old Grammarians. At both the Middle and Senior School Assemblies, last year’s Carey Medallist, Alan Attwood, spoke to students about his experiences as a Carey student in the 1970s, as well as sharing some of the motivation behind his current work as the Editor of The Big Issue magazine. He encouraged students to follow a career path that they were passionate about, giving the example of how personally rewarding his recent work has been.

Principal Philip Grutzner related the experiences of the School’s founders to this year’s theme of ‘courage’. He spoke of the challenges that our founders faced when establishing this School, and how their courage and faith has helped to shape the quality School that we have today. In addition to the courage of the founders, Mr Grutzner also acknowledged the courage of our first female students in 1979 who paved the way for the wonderful co-educational environment that is enjoyed by all students today.

After the assemblies, the OCGA hosted lunch in the DYPAC foyer where former students and staff mingled with current students and staff. Record numbers were in attendance, and the wonderful atmosphere amongst the group continued on well into the afternoon.