Imagine a world where children can’t think straight at school because they don’t have enough food to give them energy. Unfortunately this happens right here in Melbourne. Many students go to school without any food to get them through the day. It’s not fair that other kids, like me, don’t have lunch. Eating helps fuel our brains for taking in information – if we don’t have enough energy, our education and our lives will suffer.

Eat Up is a non-profit organisation that helps young people in need to get the lunch they deserve. Eat Up serves a whopping 165 schools in the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne, providing lunches for thousands of children. Eat Up started when one of the founders, Lyndon Galea, saw his hometown’s school in need. It’s amazing how the people who started Eat Up gave up their own money and time to help children in need.

Eat Up recently came to Carey, and our class of Year 7s made sandwiches for them to take to other schools for kids without lunches. In total, we made nearly a thousand cheese and Vegemite sandwiches. I learned a lot from the experience, but I think what affected me the most was learning how many people in Melbourne go to school hungry – on average, three people in every class go to school hungry! Obviously, in a school as fortunate as ours, the numbers would be far lower, but still, statistically a few people even in our school may go hungry some days. One other valuable thing I learned is that I should never throw my lunch away, because another kid would happily eat it if they didn’t have their own lunch.

If you see a problem in the world, you should act to fix it, just like Eat Up has done. Eat Up have been very inspiring, and I know that everyone who was making sandwiches during the recent visit feels the same way. Overall, I suggest that we should keep supporting Eat Up as they strive to eradicate hunger from all of our schools. I hope that you can make donations to support Eat Up. Thank you.

Ethan Weymouth
Year 7 student