On Thursday 20 November, a group of eager parents and staff celebrated the launch of the Digital Parenting iBook. This amazing resource is a comprehensive guide to all things digital and explores many ways in which to work with, and to support, your child in this ever changing and challenging domain. 

Looking back just a few short years ago, there was no such thing as Facebook, cyberbullying, smartphones, YouTube or texting. But we now live in a rapidly changing media and tech world where our kids are far more plugged in digitally than we are and probably ever will be.

This new Carey iBook has been co-ordinated by Robyn Treyvaud, founder of the CyberSafeKids site, and is a world first in education. All Carey parents are able to download the iBook onto their iPads. It truly is a magnificent and positive resource, and will continue to be updated and added to. This resource can be used for children of all ages.