We are very proud of Carey’s 2016 Year 12 results. These results affirm the ethos, culture and direction of our school, and they reflect the dedication and persistence of our students over many years.

Our School Duces in 2016 are Alexandra Agostini, James Lin, Ella Wilson and Abigail Zhang who join just 30 students across Australia who received an International Baccalaureate (IB) score of 45, which translates to the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Eighteen other students achieved an ATAR above 99 and also become Carey scholars, Rohan Bunsee, Kate Cheng, Imogen Gerraty, Isabella Grutzner, Kate Jenkins, Lucy Kelly, Madison Lardner, Calvin Lu, Rebecca Martin, Nachiket Mehta, Clare Myers, Alexandra Petersen, Elroy Rosenberg, Ella Ryan, Penny Vakalopoulos, Yen Ping Wang, Harry Warmington and Eliza Williams. The Year 12 class of 2016 achieved an excellent set of results:

  • 9% of ATARs were above 99 (in top 1% of Australia)
  • 27% of ATARs were above 95
  • 42% of ATARs were 90 or above
  • Our IB average score of 38.2 compares favourably with the worldwide average of 29.2. Our IB results were the best we have ever achieved.

Our combined VCE and IB results would place us very high in VCE ‘league tables’ that are published by various newspapers and websites. Unfortunately, these league tables are not adjusted and republished when the IB results are made available in January each year.

We feel great pride in those results that are due to a student's sustained commitment. We readily acknowledge those students who managed to overcome learning difficulties or personal hardships to achieve good personal outcomes and their personal best.

It is pleasing to see so many of our Year 12 cohort embrace the rich experiences available at Carey, both inside and outside the classroom, including sport, the performing arts, outdoor education, school trips and service opportunities. So many have been great citizens during their school years and will continue to make valuable contributions in their lives beyond Carey.

In partnership with parents, thanks go to our hard-working and dedicated teaching and professional support staff who have assisted in so many ways ­– not just at the Year 12 level, but through the entire time the students were at Carey. We know that our students, staff and parents all work hard to enable each student to achieve their full potential. It is rewarding to see such pleasing student outcomes that are a result of persistence and focus.

At Carey, we celebrate the efforts of all of our students, regardless of their ATAR. We remain proud of our open enrolment policy. We enrol students from broad socio-economic backgrounds and with mixed academic ability. Students do not sit entrance exams, nor do we have numerous scholarships. Less academic students are not asked to leave Carey.

We anticipate almost all of our 2016 cohort will go to University - with over half getting their first preference and 90% receiving one of their first three preferences. It is an affirmation of the culture at Carey that they will continue their journey as life-long learners. While their academic pathway is shaped in part by the ATAR, we are appreciative that our graduates not only pursue academic studies beyond school but continue to build positive relationships, explore options of community work and bring positive values to the world beyond Carey’s boundaries. We know their pursuit of academic learning will continue to be important, but their future happiness and success will often be determined by their values, hard work and the quality of their relationships.

We congratulate each member of the Year 12 Class of 2016 and wish them well in their individual pursuits in 2017 and beyond.