Music lover Victoria hopes to use the resilience, perseverance and perspective she developed at Carey to dedicate her life to driving change on a global scale.

My Carey Story – Victoria, Year 12

At Carey, we celebrate our students’ success in all facets of life. Developing the whole student involves not only encouraging academic efforts, but supporting and celebrating creativity, innovation, aspiration, service, curiosity, and courage.

This video is part of a series on our Class of 2018, where we interviewed a number of students about their experiences and successes at Carey, and how these will shape their lives beyond school.

Throughout her 15 years at Carey, Victoria has developed a global perspective and an awareness of injustice in the world beyond her own experience. Carey’s community service programs have helped her realise that she wants to dedicate her life to helping others. Victoria would like to pursue a career somewhere she feels she will be able to make real change, such as with the World Health Organisation, Doctors Without Borders, or the United Nations. 

One of Victoria’s inspirations is 2012 Carey Medallist, Dr Maithri Goonetilleke (OCG 1997). Maithri founded and is the Executive Director of Possible Dreams International, a not-for-profit organisation that partners with rural and remote communities to empower families and individuals living with extreme poverty, malnutrition and endemic disease, such as HIV/AIDS.

Victoria believes that every bit counts, and if every person contributes even a little to preventing injustice and inequality, it can change the world.

One of Victoria’s passions in life is music. She started learning piano at four years old, and has since taken advantage of every opportunity to perform. Victoria has been in musicals, orchestras, choirs, and went on a few regional tours of Carey’s Middle School Plays over the years.

Music is very important to me as a person. It's a symbol of identity that I wear proudly.’

Congratulations, Victoria!