Carey’s focus on community service has inspired Steven to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

My Carey Story – Steven, Year 12

At Carey, we celebrate our students’ success in all facets of life. Developing the whole student involves not only encouraging academic efforts, but supporting and celebrating creativity, innovation, aspiration, service, curiosity, and courage.

This video is part of a series on our Class of 2018, where we interviewed a number of students about their experiences and successes at Carey, and how these will shape their lives beyond school.

When Steven began at Carey in Year 10, he realised how important it is to help those in need. He plans to study medicine after finishing Year 12, and wants to have an impact on the world by returning to China after his studies to help those affected by its high levels of air pollution.

Steven is grateful for how welcome he was made to feel at Carey. From starting off as a shy new student in a big school, he quickly learnt the teachers and students at Carey were supportive and eager to include him as part of the community.

Coming to Carey has helped Steven step out of his comfort zone and create friendships with his peers. This has been particularly helpful in his role as a student Captain of the Carey Local and Overseas Student Association (CLOSA), which aims to bridge the cultural gap between Carey’s local and international communities by making everyone feel welcome and helping them create connections within the Carey community. There are three student leaders, and several parent volunteers who help to organise and host events.

One of the most rewarding experiences Steven has had this year was organising a large-scale CLOSA dinner for around 200 members of the Carey community. The success of this event demonstrates not only Steven’s hard work, but his passion and dedication to helping others.

Congratulations for all your achievements, Steven!