Moosay’s family are refugees from Myanmar. She wants to use her Carey education to dedicate her life to helping the Karen people and other persecuted minorities.

My Carey Story – Moosay, Year 12

At Carey, we celebrate our students’ success in all facets of life. Developing the whole student involves not only encouraging academic efforts, but supporting and celebrating creativity, innovation, aspiration, service, curiosity, and courage.

This video is part of a series on our Class of 2018, where we interviewed a number of students about their experiences and successes at Carey, and how these will shape their lives beyond school.

When Moosay came to Carey in Year 10, she was immediately comforted by how welcoming, caring and supportive the environment was. The friendships she has developed at school are some of her most important, as they have been there to support her through adapting to the new school and the stress of Year 12. 

Moosay is from Myanmar (formerly Burma), where the Karen people have been persecuted and are in the midst of one of the world’s longest civil wars. Moosay received a Humanitarian Scholarship to study at Carey, and sees this educational opportunity as her chance to be able to give back to her people and help those who are currently suffering due to the conflict in Myanmar. 

‘It's important to have an impact on the world because I believe there are lots of people that don't have a voice. Being at Carey and having this opportunity, you can have an impact on many lives. Even if it's just starting from the little things, like making someone’s day better.’

Moosay also highly values her faith as something that has helped her through the tough times in her life. It has helped her to develop perspective and the ability to see that there are bigger issues in the world than her final grade.

At Carey, Moosay has learnt the value of perseverance, and she knows she will never give up on what she wants to achieve. This perseverance might be what makes her such a great debater, which is one of her favourite co-curricular activities at school.

Good luck, Moosay!