Matt will soon be setting off for a month-long tour of Europe with UN Youth, where he hopes he will get an insight into politics as a potential career.

My Carey Story – Matt, Year 12

At Carey, we celebrate our students’ success in all facets of life. Developing the whole student involves not only encouraging academic efforts, but supporting and celebrating creativity, innovation, aspiration, service, curiosity, and courage.

This video is part of a series on our Class of 2018, where we interviewed a number of students about their experiences and successes at Carey, and how these will shape their lives beyond school.

Matt’s journey through Carey has had its ups and downs, which has ultimately resulted in him developing resilience, perspective and a strong sense of empathy.

While academic learning has always appealed to Matt, he has also very much enjoyed Carey’s Outdoor Education program throughout his time at school. He saw it as an opportunity to test himself, to broaden his skills and meet new people.

‘I think getting away from your familiar environment in Carey, with a different group of people you don't usually spend time with is simply the single best way to learn things about yourself and about others.’

In keeping with his desire to push himself beyond familiar environments, in January Matt will be one of 16 youths from across Australia taking part in the UN Youth Young Diplomats tour of Europe. This will give him the opportunity to explore real-world politics ahead of university, and decide if it is something he would like to actively pursue as a career.

Before travelling to Europe, Matt will be busy with an internship with NABLabs, a pilot program by NAB focussing on the future development of the bank. The internship facilitates innovation and creativity, engaging with young people for fresh ideas on how the future might look for those joining the workforce in the next few years.

Good luck for your incredibly busy summer, Matt!