Jeremy’s experiences with depression, anxiety and coming to terms with his identity throughout his school journey drove him to successfully begin Carey’s PRIDE Group.

My Carey Story – Jeremy, Year 12

At Carey, we celebrate our students’ success in all facets of life. Developing the whole student involves not only encouraging academic efforts, but supporting and celebrating creativity, innovation, aspiration, service, curiosity, and courage.

This video is part of a series on our Class of 2018, where we interviewed a number of students about their experiences and successes at Carey, and how these will shape their lives beyond school.

Jeremy has been a part of the Carey community for all his student years, beginning in the Early Learning Centre.

Carey’s new PRIDE Group was borne from Jeremy’s struggle with mental health and coming to terms with his identity and sexuality. At first, he was hoping to create a space where he felt comfortable to be himself. When the first meeting fielded a diverse group of students from different year levels who were all trying to understand their own identities, he realised this was much bigger than just himself. He hopes this community will help other students to feel comfortable and safe in who they are, regardless of who that might be.

Jeremy’s favourite part of school has been the performing arts, in particular participating in the School’s musicals. This year, he had important roles in the Senior School performances of The Drowsy Chaperone and The Complete Works of the Brothers Grimm (Abridged). Over the years, the performing arts casts have become like family, and watched each other grow and refine their onstage talents.

Something Jeremy says he will take with him beyond school is the community service focus that Carey instils through a Christian education. In Chapel and House sessions, students are given the opportunity not only to raise money and advocate for worthy causes, but to truly come to understand them and learn about how to serve in their local, national and global communities.

Jeremy leaves Carey with the determination to make a positive impact on the world, and to leave it better than he found it. He believes that the most important thing we can do with our lives is to help others, particularly those less fortunate than ourselves.

‘I firmly believe that if you are an honest person, if you always work as hard as you can, if you have a strong moral compass, then you'll always be able to achieve whatever goal you want to because I believe that hard work pays off in the long run.’

Congratulations Jeremy!