On Sunday 7 December our Carey Boys First XI Soccer team was invited, as the current APS premier, to play in a curtain raiser at AAMI Park before the main game between Melbourne City FC and Brisbane Roar FC. In what was a fantastic opportunity for our boys, they played against the current Boys First XI AGS premier, Ivanhoe Grammar. 

A strong crowd was in attendance to see a tight contest between two very good teams. After regular time, the score was locked at 0-0. This maintained the side’s impressive record of being undefeated in normal game time for the entire season. Unfortunately, after a very tense penalty shootout, Ivanhoe took the win on the day.

While he would have preferred a different result, Manny Koutroulis, Head Coach, was pleased with the match, noting that ‘our boys got a great behind the scenes look at what goes on before a main game’. Manny was also very pleased with the crowd of over 400 people who came to support the boys. This included students, family members, staff, and a strong contingent of former players – including a large group from our 2004 team. ‘We have such a great culture amongst our community which we should all feel very proud of,’ noted Manny.

The opportunity to play on such a big stage has inspired the younger cohort of players to earn the right to play at the venue again in the future. As Manny said after the match, ‘everyone enjoyed it. It was great for the boys but also great for family and staff members who all looked on and felt very proud of our soccer team. In fact, it was a great day for Carey Sport and we are all so fortunate to access terrific opportunities.’