December is inevitably a month of great satisfaction for Carey students, staff and parents as VCE results arrive, followed by an equally celebratory time in early January when the International Baccalaureate results are presented. Whilst the Melbourne media capture the VCE moment through the publication of league tables, there is a lost opportunity for the media to join wholeheartedly in the recognition of all that it is to complete Year 12. The full picture of Year 12 is not lost on us as a school.

At Carey we applaud those VCE students who have excelled academically, achieving grades that rank them as the elite in the State. I am pleased to advise that our Dux of VCE is Charlie Li who achieved an ATAR score of 99.65. We also congratulate seven other Carey students who achieved an ATAR above 99 and thus become Carey scholars: Roland Allen, Tommy Eardley, Richard Hanson, Crystal He, Susannah Ilic, Jacqueline Lu and William Slifirski. Of the 2014 VCE cohort, 14.4% received an ATAR above 95 (Top 5% of State) and 49% received an ATAR above 80 (Top 20% of State). Our high academic results are a credit to the class of 2014, their parents and the School. Our thanks go to the hard work and dedication of our experienced teaching and professional support staff who have assisted in so many ways, not just at the Year 12 level, but through the entire time the students were at Carey.

At Carey we also applaud those who may not appear on billboards or in the pages of the media, but have aspired towards, and achieved, individual academic excellence. There is enormous pride felt by staff in those results that are due to a student's sustained persistence. Time is taken at our staff commencement day each year to acknowledge those students who managed to overcome learning difficulties or personal hardships to achieve satisfying results.

At Carey we celebrate the fact that our students are committed to both academic achievement and an engagement in life beyond the classroom. The class of 2014 made significant contributions to our co-curricular program and the broader life of Carey. It was pleasing to see so many in the Year 12 cohort continue to embrace the rich opportunities available at Carey, both inside and outside the classroom.

At Carey we remain proud of our open enrolment policy. We enrol students from broad socio-economic backgrounds and with mixed academic ability. Results are not artificially inflated through entrance exams and numerous scholarships. The weaker students are not asked to leave and find another school.

Given our high academic expectations, we know almost all of our 2014 cohort will go to University - with over half receiving their first preference and 90% getting one of their first three preferences. They continue their journey as life-long learners. Yet the truly educated will know that life is more than a score on a piece of paper. Their pursuit of academic learning is important, but so too their values, work ethic, and quality of their relationships as determinants of happiness.

We congratulate each member of the Year 12 class of 2014. The full dimension of your achievement is recognised by your School.

I hope that you and your family have a joyous Christmas filled with love and happiness from family and friends.

Kind regards,

Philip Grutzner