I write to give you the facts in response to the story that has been published today in The Age newspaper. For nearly 20 years, Carey has allowed a small number of International Baccalaureate (IB) students to commence an IB subject in Year 10. These students have studied one of their subjects over two years, commencing in Year 10, and thus will have studied one less subject in Year 12. The assessment of the anticipated subject in Years 10 and 11 has been part of the final IB Diploma score. There has been no advantage or extra ATAR score awarded. This has been the case at Carey, as well as a number of schools across Australia.

Carey, like all schools that offer the IB Diploma, is regularly audited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), and Carey’s practices have had the IBO’s full knowledge and approval. The IBO has confirmed that no students were advantaged or disadvantaged while undertaking the IB at Carey.

The IBO has now decided to phase out the option of anticipating a subject in Year 10, and this is exactly what is happening at Carey. Carey continues to work with the IBO and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority to ensure excellent standards and compliance with all VCE and IB regulations. Carey would like to reassure all students, parents and staff that this change in IB policy will in no way impact on student assessment in the IB.

Carey has always been open and transparent about its policies and practices, and has openly published these.

Carey rejects any allegations made by one anonymous complainant quoted in The Age story that any Carey student or staff member has cheated at any time. Such a false allegation is a grave injustice to all Carey students and staff who have worked very hard to produce such pleasing results.

Carey continues to have outstanding results in both the IB and VCE due to the high quality programs, staff and resources provided to support student learning.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Grutzner