In preparation for the Year 11 VCE and IB student’s oil painting project, Carey’s Artists in Residence program worked closely with Tony Lloyd to develop an appreciation of the techniques and skills used by a professional artist. The Australian contemporary artist is known for his highly realistic oil paintings, and has cultivated large amounts of recognition and praise for his symbolic works.

Tony graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2000 and has since had his artwork showcased in places all around the world, including Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Melbourne and London. Tony was also the winner of the John Leslie Art Prize in 2012 which celebrates landscape artworks and attracts artists from all around Australia. He has had 26 solo exhibitions over his career. During the two-week period at Carey, Tony was able to provide a professional insight into the skills needed to oil paint. Our class was given a set-up of two pumpkins with a source of artificial light which was used as a base for our oil painting. We started by lightly sketching out the positioning of our pumpkins and the shadows.

Tony showed us the importance of first mix all colours that will be needed to paint before you begin. This began with a grey scale of oil paint to capture the different shades of the pumpkin, and the surrounding shadows, which was followed by the impute of realistic colours. Tony believes that you don’t know the meaning of your painting until you begin it. Tony takes interest in merging a piece of human technology into his isolated landscapes, this inclusion exhibits the idea that humanity is inescapable. Over the rewarding week we worked with Tony, we cultivated a mixture of skill and understanding in painting. This has a rewarding experience for the VCE and IB students.

Will Hogg and Veronica Morris
Year 11 students