A Christian Co-educational International School

Early Learning Centres

The children in our kindergartens are encouraged to participate in the construction of their learning. Their journey of discovery follows their interests and abilities and draws together several learning areas to explore ideas presented by the children themselves.

The children’s observations, conversations, paintings and drawings are recorded and displayed, then filed to form a record of the learning journey that can be shared with the rest of the family.

The Music programs use voice and simple percussion instruments, chants, songs, movement games and drama to foster all areas of development. Our Art Studios are exceptionally well-resourced and allow the children to undertake open-ended experiences that allow for experimentation. Completed works are displayed around the schools.

Motor skills are developed through construction activities and puzzles, and make use of the wonderful adventure playgrounds at each campus. Healthy eating habits are emphasised – and yoga sessions are available to encourage habits of relaxation and encourage children to identify a peaceful place within themselves.

Early Learning Centre at Kew  

Early Learning Centre at Kew    
Early Learning Centre at Donvale
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